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The INNSTAR® Full Body Workout Pack combines the power of the INNSTAR® Bench Press + Bar with the versatility of the INNSTAR® Starter Pack. It is the most complete fitness solution, giving you the ability to workout like at the gym literally anywhere! 


Each Strength Level has 3x levels of resistance for the Bench Press + 4x Resistance Bands:

    1. NOVICE PACK: 3x BENCH PRESS levels (26lb - 52lb - 78lb) + 4x Resistance Bands (10lb/4.5kg) > Perfect for beginners looking to start resistance training. 
    2. PRO PACK: 3x BENCH PRESS levels(35lb - 70lb - 105lb) + 4x Resistance Bands (18lb/8kg) > Perfect for people who who have developed some level of strength prior to training
    3. ADVANCED PACK: 3x BENCH PRESS levels (51lb - 102lb - 153lb) + 4x Resistance Bands (27lb/12kg) > Perfect for people who have a lot of experience is strength training
    4. EXPERT PACK: 3x BENCH PRESS levels (66lb - 132lb - 198lb) + 4x Resistance Bands (33lb/15kg) > Perfect for experts in fitness and strength training.

      Each package also includes: 

        • 1x Steel Grip Bar 
        • 2x Grip Handles
        • 2x Door Anchors
        • 2x Foot Straps
        • 1x Exercise Booklet

        INNSTAR® Pro Tip: If you are hesitating between two levels, we suggest to choose the higher level. You can easily remove resistance bands and will have more room for improvement.


        The INNSTAR® Full Body Workout Pack is designed to replace expensive gym equipment. It comes with a strong steel bar, giving you the possibility to train like at the gym from the comfort of your home.



        • INNSTAR® Full Body Workout Pack is made for anyone looking for the most complete portable fitness solution.
        • Modify, or enhance any exercise you normally do with dumbbells, bars, or machines.

        Popular INNSTAR® Exercises

        Bench Press Exercises 
        INNSTAR Bench Press exercise
        Door Anchor Exercises

        INNSTAR® Belt System

        Our INNSTAR® Belt System allows you to have x2, x4 or x6 resistant bands at a time on the INNSTAR® BENCH PRESS belt. Giving you the ability to change weight resistance on the fly. 


          • Our strong resistance bands are designed to withstand true force. Through a unique process that presses millions of thin layers of rubber together, our research and development team was able to create the most solid and secure resistance bands on the market.
          • Each band is also protected by a sleeve to increase safety.


          "Resistance training promotes total-body activation, stimulates your nervous system, and challenges your muscles without excessive loading on your joints." 

          INNSTAR® Full Body Workout Specs

           INNSTAR® Bench Press Specs

          INNSTAR® Warranty 🏆

          Every order processed on our INNSTAR® Official Store, comes with a 6 MONTH WORRY FREE GUARANTEE.


            Discounted price:


            "INNSTAR is one word...Exceptional. They build quality products, with the best sourced materials,& make super heavy duty resistance bands that are purpose built with the user (& user safety in mind)."

            "I’ve now purchased almost every model of the INNSTAR® products & been able to do at least 90% of my normal gym routine with just their band sets,& a 85cm yoga ball (which I use as my “bench”,& seat, efc.)."

            Juan K. Texas, USA

            "How anyone could not give 5 stars to a company who has replied to each of my 5 inquires within less than 3 hours, as well as provided exact specs,& helped me to built my “do it all” home gym in the process."

            "I truly can’t praise this company enough. If you want a quality product (which is extremely safe for you to use), which also is made to Last...go with INNSTAR, as you can’t go wrong with them."

            Gabriel F. Montreal, CANADA

            "Purchased this to workout from home during quarantine. I’m a bodybuilder, so it was very difficult to be creative with my band set and a few dumbbells. With this bar, I can do lat pull downs, rows, squats, and soooo much more. It’s sturdy and really well made. Happy I purchased it!"

            Jake K. Chicago, USA

            "I've had the bands for a couple of months now and I like it a lot. I bought the heaviest tension. I was worried about what tension to get because I never use bands and after careful consideration decided to go with the heaviest. Perfect Choice!"

            Connor L. London, UK

            "As a lifelong weightlifter who's trying to make due with home workouts, yo say I'm impressed would be an understatement. Just for comparison, at the gym I usually do my bench press either with a pair of 100 lb dumbbells or if I'm doing incline barbell bench, I start at 225 lbs and end around 300 lbs. So my concern was that 200 lb resistance bands would be way too easy. And to make a long story short, I was laughably wrong. I've now worked out with these three times and the last workout especially left me more sore than I've been in ages."

            Micheal L. New York, USA

            "I enjoy resistance band training. I find it gives my ligaments and joints an incentive to develop without risk of injury and the burn primarily from squeezes and slow movement intensify training. These bands are somewhat long so the resistance begins about half way through the press but they are perfect for deadlifts and other movements that put on unwanted stress to the back and such vulnerable joints.
            Highly recommended. Solid quality and good for training."

            Jake W. Toronto, CANADA

            "I really like this product because of covid going around the gyms are closed so I found an alternate means to get a workout in and this works well. I purchased other stuff from their shop and they make durable quality equipment that won’t let you down. They even come with a book that shows different exercises and if you stick to it like I did you’ll see a change in your body"

            Mike L. Manchester, UK

            "I love this product for standing rows and seated rows. These two exercises alone pump up my shoulders like no other bodyweight or resistance band movement has thus far (not saying you can’t get a good pump from bodyweight and resistance bands but I definitely noticed a more rock-hard feel when using this product for these two specific exercises)"

            Eric H. Detroit, USA


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            6 MONTH WARRANTY